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Open Source API Client in TypeScript

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"Unvoid has been a valuable resource for our development team. Their quality and consistency has enabled us to exceed our development goals year after year."

— Corey Thuen, CEO

Company Overview

Gravwell is a full-stack analytics platform built to handle huge amounts of logs and non-text data. The company provides analytics capabilities to people who need more than just text log searching and need it sooner rather than later at a price they can afford.


The frontend was convoluted with the complexity of connecting to the backend API and dealing with data conversions and other checks due to inconsistencies in the backend API design.

The task was to isolate the responsibility of connecting to the backend and dealing with data conversions in a separate repository which should be public, isomorphic (work on Browsers and NodeJS), and published on NPM for easy consumption by other users who wanted to connect to the backend API directly.


The project was executed using a public GitHub repository and written in a framework-agnostic way so that developers could use it with native browser and Node APIs.

The project featured:
  • Static checks
  • Unit tests
  • Integration Tests
  • Documentation
  • Typescript Definitions
  • CI & CD automation

Key results

Live Project


Open sourced library available on NPM for Node and Browsers.


CI & CD automation with Github Actions ensure that the library passes all integration tests with a real and fully functional API.


Clean and scalable codebase structure with TypeScript definitions and documentation with TSDocs.


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