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Codebase Upgrade: 26 Technologies Upgraded in 2 Months

Screenshot of the package.json file with Angular dependencies on version 15


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"As a project manager, I have appreciated that Unvoid is able to deliver the work that they promise on schedule. They have been very good at estimating the expected effort for tasks and they are responsive to feedback. Unvoid consistently strives to deliver value to their customers."

— Ashley Wade, Project Manager

Company Overview

Gravwell is a full-stack analytics platform built to handle huge amounts of logs and non-text data. The company provides analytics capabilities to people who need more than just text log searching and need it sooner rather than later at a price they can afford.


Gravwell had a tech debt in their frontend dependencies and needed help to bring the application to the latest versions (and best practices) of their dependencies.

More specifically:

  • Upgrade from Angular v7 to Angular v15
  • Upgrade all libraries to their latest stable versions
  • QA to assure no bugs were introduced with the upgrades


We upgraded all dependencies and did extensive manual and automated testing across the entire product to ensure no bugs were introduced during the upgrade process.

There were several issues during the upgrade process. It was by no means a smooth transition. Those updates required a massive dedication from all the developers involved (3 full-time developers). We did extensive QA after each major Angular version upgrade, which meant 24 rounds of QA (3 developers x 8 major upgrades).

The application now runs much faster and can benefit from all the new features introduced in the latest versions of their dependencies.

Key results


26 technologies fully upgraded to their latest stable versions.


8 version upgrades for Angular, from v7 to v15.


24 rounds of extensive QA to ensure no bugs were introduced with the upgrades.


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